Episode 23 – Abandoned Places and Proposals in SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE

Our good friend, and creator of the Nurture and Support theme song, Alicia (@ohalchemygirl) joined us again and she had a bit of big news.  She recently got engaged.  The proposal was simply amazing…

Mel’s Recommendation:

Game: Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri and Alien Crossfire

  • A 1999 turn-based strategy game where you build up your faction to achieve global domination of a sentient fungus-infested planet.
  • By the creators of Civ
  • Available at g0g.com for $5.99!


Alicia’s Recommendation:

Don’t forget to check out Alicia’s musical talent over at OhAlchemy.com!

Podcast: Welcome To Nightvale

  • A creepy yet witty podcast featuring community updates for an odd little town called Night Vale.
  • Check out their website at commonplacebooks.com
  • Available through all major podcast catchers including iTunes.



Podcast: NPR’s Ask Me Another

  • A comedy gameshow podcast from the folks at NPR.
  • Features the amazing Jonathan Coulton
  • Subscribe through your favorite podcast catcher including iTunes.



Kelly’s Recommendation:

Website/Service: Fun with words!  Go to www.google.com/trends to see what everyone is searching on, trends, visualizations.  These are broken down by date, location and much more.  You can even pick your own words/phrases to analyze, like… oh… Kelly/Melissa/Alicia (actual results below)


You can also try books.google.com/ngrams/ to go WAY back in time to see other word trends across a mammoth selection of publications.  Gee, let’s try that Kelly/Melissa/Alicia search again…



Social Media Recommendations:

Melissa: Steampunk Tendencies highlights Steampunk art of all kinds. @Steampunk_T on Twitter or Steampunk Tendencies on G+

Alicia: The Welcome to Night Vale podcast’s home on Twitter: @NightvaleRadio AND NPR’s Ask Me Another @NPRAskMeAnother

Kelly: Adam the Woo YouTube channel – Adam tours abandoned places and gets banned from Disney FOR LIFE!!


Want to subscribe to the Nurture and Support podcast??  

Our feed – http://nurtureandsupport.net/feed/podcast 
iTunes – Nurture and Support

Thanks for listening! Mel (@karmic9) and Kelly (@kellythul)

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