Episode 24 – The Breaking Bad Episode

Kelly and Mel have agreed on a single recommendation this week and it’s BREAKING BAD!


  • We discuss why we love Breaking Bad, our favorite characters, and the importance of humor in drama, and some miscellaneous related items you need to check out.
  • Spoiler Alert: Kelly’s favorite character is appearing in his own spin off soon called ‘Better Call Saul’
  • It’s a long episode, but really we could have gone on for hours… Thank you for indulging us.

Breaking Bad

  • This story of a dying chemistry teacher who turns to making meth to care for his family when he’s gone is possibly the best drama ever on television.
  • Check out imdb for a full cast list. They are all too awesome to list here.


App: Alchemy

  • Only available for iBooks.
  • A neat interactive ebook/app that delves into the behind the scenes story of Breaking Bad. A must for fans of the series.

Check out this Buzzfeed article for lots of Breaking Bad 8-bit glory!


Videos you need to see:

Epic Rap Battles: Rick Grimes vs Walter White

  • Don’t watch with a full bladder….


Badger’s Star Trek script  animated by Matt Czap for Vulture.com

  • Here is the Star Trek episode you’ve been waiting for.


Social Media Recommendations:

@mrbobodenkirk: The Mr. Bob Odenkirk also check out Mr. Show.

@aaronpaul_8: Aaron Paul

And to finish things off:

Bryan Cranston reads Ozymandias

  • I forgot to bring this up during the episode, but this is one of my favorite poems and listening to Walter White read it is chilling. ~Mel



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