Episode 28- Cellos from HELL

Kelly says “YeeHaw!” and then begs for your help.  Mel remains our Cello Overlord.

Kelly’s plea: On shows where I introduce Mel I typically say “…and with me as always is Mel.  Hi Mel.”,  Which is LAME.  

Could someone PLEASE come up with a better introduction and post it in the comments???

Kelly’s Recommendation:


Movie: Motel Hell (1980)

  • A Horror/Comedy movie about Farmer Smith and his sister Ida run Motel Hello and are famous for their delicious “smoked meat”. You know where this is going right?
  • They have a very interesting “garden” in the backyard.
  • It’s available to rent from Amazon Instant Video, and to buy from iTunes.
  • Stars Rory Calhoun, and Wolfman Jack makes an appearance! Awoo!


Kelly’s Re-Recommendation:

Podcast: Scott Stratten’s Vegas Under 30 and The Unpodcast



Mel’s Recommendation:


Music: Zoe Keating

  • Yay! More Cellos!
  • Zoe is an amazing cellist whose music has appeared in numerous tv shows, such as Elementary and even Teen Wolf. She has performed with a number of bands over the years, including Rasputina and Halou, both of which you should check out.
  • Her music is warm and peaceful and will make you feel better no matter how badly your day has gone. I particularly like “Legions (War)” from the One Cello x 16 album.
  • Check out her website for links to her bandcamp to pay what you want for her albums!
  • The Links: iTunes, Amazon, SoundcloudSpotify (Spotify does not have all of her albums), and her YouTube channel.
  • Here’s a direct link to Zoe’s version of the Star Spangled Banner.



Social Media Recommendation:

Kelly: @PeytonsHead: A witty twitter account that mishmashes Pop Culture and Sports references for your amusement. #LaserRocketArm

Mel: @IGN: the go to mega site to learn more about EVERY video game EVER.

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Thanks for listening! Mel (@karmic9) and Kelly (@kellythul)


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3 Responses to Episode 28- Cellos from HELL

  1. I don’t think the way you introduce Mel is lame, but if you want to change it up, how about “Here to talk about the Amazon Prime Directive, Mel”. Ok, that’s probably lame too. But you have a comment, & it’s not spam.

  2. Kelly Thul says:

    I LIKE IT Teresa!

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