Episode 52 – One Year!!!!

We have been “sharing all the awesome” for ONE YEAR!  Thanks to all of you who have listened. commented, retweeted, fav-ed, etc…  we truly appreciate it.


Kelly’s favorite Mel recommendation: Loot Crate http://www.lootcrate.com/ (episode 3)

Kelly’s Top 10


  1. Viva Joe Strummer – The Clash and Beyond (episode 12)
  2. Monument Valley (episode 31)
  3. QR Codes Kill Kittens: How to Alienate Customers, Dishearten Employees, and Drive Customers Away (episode 1)
  4. Alice Cooper – Special Forces (episode 38)
  5. gifgifmedia.mit.edu (episode 15)
  6. Suck (episode 21)
  7. Attack on Titan (episode 32)
  8. Bean Salsa (episode 21)
  9. Escape From Tomorrow: Bad Things Happen Everywhere (episode 30)
  10. Captain Beefheart – Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller) (episode 3)


Mel’s favorite Kelly recommendation: Suck (episode 21) Yes! I finally watched it and it was so awesome. I’d like to also mention that Kelly’s Bean Salsa from the same episode was a very close second though.

Mel’s Top 10

The Martian

  1. The Martian by Andy Weir (episode 22)
  2. Zombies, Run! Running App by Six To Start (episode 7 and 20)
  3. The Broken Empire Trilogy by Mark Lawrence (episode 5)
  4. Snowpiercer (episode 31)
  5. Bel Dame Apocrypha (aka God’s War Trilogy) by Kameron Hurley (episode 12)
  6. Side Meier’s Alpha Centauri/ Alien Crossfire (episode 23)
  7. The Broken Bride by Ludo (episode 15)
  8. Stuff You Should Know Podcast (episode 10)
  9. Loot Crate (episode 3)
  10. Thug Kitchen: Eat Like you Give A F*ck by thugkitchen.com (episode 47)


 Shout outs

  • Thanks to Alicia for her awesome composition and performance of our theme song
  • Thanks to Matt for the best voice over help anyone could want
  • Thanks to all our fantastic guests this year: Alicia, Matt , JeansTony, Mike, Rachael, John, and Helena
  • Thanks to Teresa and Dan for their e-mail recommendations
  • Thanks to Vicki for her ongoing Twitter support

To see a running list of ALL THE RECOMMENDATIONS we’ve made, check out the “Recommendation Summary” tab at the top of the page!

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