Episode 54 – Dark Ambient and Minor Death Gods

This week Kelly brings you the ambient music of Brian Eno and Mel talks Necromancy.

Kelly’s Recommendation:


Music: Brian Eno’s Ambient 4- On Land

  • After leaving Roxy Music (he and Brian Ferry did not hit it off), Brain Eno created solo albums, produced albums, and collaborated with and ton of artists from Andy Summers of the Police to Robert Fripp of King Crimson… most importantly, he put out four “ambient” albums.
  • He described the ambient series as “As ignorable as it is interesting”.
  • Ambient 4 – On Land is his “dark ambient” album, which sounds totally cool.
  • Did you know that Brian composed the Windows 95 tone? He made 85 different versions!  He calls it “his most popular piece of music”.
  • Brian produced and performed on three albums by Talking Heads, including Remain in Light, and produced multiple albums for U2, including The Joshua Tree.
  • You can listen to all of the Ambient series (Music for Airports, The Plateaux of Mirror, Day of Radiance, and On Land) on YouTube; On Land is below. Or here’s Spotify if you prefer.
  • Eno is Kelly’s favorite “album titler” for gems such as: Here Come the Warm Jets, Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy, Lady June’s Linguistic Leprosy, Small Craft on a Milk Sea, and Panic of Looking.
  • Brains current work involves the blending of audio and video via 77 Million Paintings and a concept he calls “Generative Music”  (bonus link: make your own generative music!)
  • “I guess I’m a Dark Ambient guy.” ~Kelly Thul



Mel’s Recommendation:


Books: The Eric Carter series by Stephen Blackmoore

  • Necromancy, Minor Death Gods, Crazy Death Goddesses: Eric Carter is not having a good day.
  • There are 2 books so far in this series, Dead Things and Broken Souls
  • Eric Carter is a Necromancer who returns to Los Angeles after his sister is murdered to find her killer… and kill it. Things get a little complicated after that.
  • Mel forgot to mention that the cover art for both books was done by Chris McGrath (a former recommendation himself)!


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