Episode 67 – Fire and Apple

This week we have a Fiery Social Media Tool and an album with an floating apple on the cover.


Mel’s Recommendation:

Of Verona The White Apple Album Cover

Music: of Verona’s album The White Apple

  • an Indie Rock band/futuristic/elctro-pop group from California.
  • They’ve had a few songs in some cool shows, notably Teen Wolf!
  • ‘Dark in My Imagination’ is a favorite of course, but I really enjoy the entire album.
  • This album is free to stream on Amazon Music for Prime members, Spotify (the deluxe album too!, Soundcloud


Kelly’s Recommendation:


Web Service: Meshfire

  • A social media management service that has recently become free for use for one of your Twitter accounts.
  • Meshfire uses an artificial intelligence named Ember (how cool is that?). Ember helps you set goals to increase your twitter followers, or to interact with more of your followers.
  • It also goes through your followers and suggests ones you might want to block, such as Mike aka @OfficialPagan (for both Kelly and Mel! :D) So, use your own judgement.
  • Kelly says you really need to take the time to check this out, especially is you are community building.


Social Media Recommendations:

Mel: @StarWarsReact: Star Wars Gifs (Thanks @TScottBrave for the rec!)

 Kelly: @MissDestructo: Amber is a co-founder of Meshfire!  And she is hella cool.

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