Episode 77 – The Alice and The Fury



Mel’s Recommendation:


Movie: Mad Max: Fury Road

  • An awesome continuation of the Mad Max story by George Miller starring Tom Hardy as Max and Charlize Theron as Furiosa.
  • Surprisingly, this story isn’t really about Max, it’s about Imperator Furiosa and her attempt at redemption in the violent wasteland that the world has become.
  • It’s hard to fangirl appropriately here without giving away some spoilers that I feel it’s best you experience for yourself, so go see it and come back here and tell me what you thought! ~M
  • There are also some comics planned to delve a little deeper into the story by Vertigo Comics.
  • Here’s a few links to some other fans’ thoughts. <Spoiler Warning>


Kelly’s Recommendation:


Music: A Fistful of Alice ~ Alice Cooper

  • A live album recorded at Sammy Hagar’s club in 1997 that possibly Alice’s best live album.
  • Such notables as Rob Zombie, Slash, and Sammy Hagar appear on the album.
  • This should be your first Alice album if you haven’t yet discovered his awesomeness.
  • It’s available anywhere fine music is sold, but you can listen on Spotify too or YouTube if that’s your thing.
  • “I’m looking for a girl with a gun and a job. And a house. With cable.” ~Lost In America


Social Media Recommendation:

Kelly: @kr_copeland: a member of the hashtag gamer elite

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One Response to Episode 77 – The Alice and The Fury

  1. John McGevna says:

    Great show you guys! We saw Mad Max Fury Road last week and have to agree with Mel that it was an awesome movie. I think the chase scenes through the desert were the best I have ever seen Hats off to all the stunt people! We thought the guys on the swinging poles were the best! Loved the Charlize Theron Furiosa as the main character in the story. But the one group that we though was just awesome was the rock band with the guitarist and the the Japanese drums. Now that is a group and sound track that Alice Cooper would certainly appreciate! By the way School’s Out is great. Glad we have Alice still around with us.

    A suggestion for a future show would be a review of San Andreas which opens today. I mean it has the Rock starring in it. What more could you ask for in a movie?? Look forward to your next podcast and Mel you be careful down there in Texas with all that flooding! Don’t be taking any silly chances!

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