Episode 78 – THE FUTURE IS AWESOME! (plus kittens)

This week… a little architecture, a little snarkable scifi, and some commentary by some very little kittens.

Kelly’s Recommendation:


Documentary: Sagrada: The Mystery of Creation (Netflix)

  • A documentary about the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona by the architect Gaudi.
  • It has been under construction since 1882! They hope to have it done in 2026.
  • It has a lot of pillars, towers, and sculptures.  Well, it has a fair amount now, and MANY more are coming.
  • Watch carefully for the odd boy wandering around in the film.  If you figure out what he is there for – tell Kelly.


Mel’s Recommendation:


Movie: Survivor

  • It’s FREE for Amazon Prime Members!
  • Stars Kevin Sorbo (a little) and Danielle Chuchran (a lot).
  • It’s a fun, eminently snarkable scifi movie that enjoys parkouring in the desert.
  • It features a revolutionary new gadget for the future: The Interface Arm. THE FUTURE IS AWESOME!
  • Look at the pic below. How can you not love this movie?!





Sorry for the Kitten Interruptions! These little guys might be cute, but they sure are loud! ~Mel


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