Episode 91 – Laura and the Killjoys

This week, some great sci-fi and a nice person.

Mel’s Recommendation:


TV Series: Killjoys on Syfy

  • A fun show on Syfy that follows 3 bounty hunters as they romp through space catching bad guys, hanging out in a bar/brothel, and hide mysterious pasts.
  • The good news is that it was just renewed for  Season 2, so go catch up on Syfy.com where the entire season is currently available.
  • It looks like the season will be available until next June.



Kelly’s Recommendation:

Facebook Group: Actually, Laura Dale Is A Very Pleasant Person


  • Laura Dale is an actress that has appeared in some of our favorite Syfy Original movies including Lake Placid vs. Anaconda and Roboshark.
  • Despite playing very unpleasant characters in her movies, she is very cool on twitter and was kind enough to live tweet along.
  • Despite Mel’s lack of enthusiasm for Facebook, she joined this group, because Laura Dale is in fact a very pleasant person.

And while your over on the Facebook.. go join Harbor Day, Kelly’s other group of malcontents.  It’s a closed group so your family doesn’t have to know about it….


Social Media Recommendations:

Kelly’s Recommendation: @TrennaKeating: the glorious Doc Yewll on Defiance!

  Mel’s Recommendation: @XplodingUnicorn: he’s a funny guy y’all.  

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