Episode 79 – Pointless Fun Stacking Leopards and Foxes

We are super happy to have Special Guest KAREN THUL on this episode! We hope she’ll return….


Mel’s Recommendation:


Movie: Bringing Up Baby (1938)

  • Mel finally has a recommendation older than Kelly’s!
  • Stars Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant and was directed by Howard Hawks.  This is probably Mel’s very favoritest RomCom/Screwball Comedy EVER!
  • There’s a LEOPARD named Baby, a Zoologist/Paleontologist, Intercostal Clavicles, Screwball Characters
  • SPOILER ALERT: Oddly for Mel, this movie has a happy ending.
    You may be able to find this one online somewhere….. Or I highly recommend you just buy it at all the usual places.


Karen’s Recommendation:


Game: Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna)

  • A very beautiful game that delves into the culture of the Inupiat, an Alaska Native people.  Play as either Nuna or her spirit guide Fox as they try to save their people from an eternal blizzard.
  • Made by Upper One Games, it’s the first of many planned games that are based on unique cultures. It’s definitely worth reading more about over at their site.
  • It’s available on several platforms, but we’re talking about the Steam version here. (Yay PC Games ~Mel) It’s on sale for ~$10 as of this writing) AND the soundtrack is also available. It. Is. Beautiful.

Karen’s Recommendation #2

"Stacking-logo" by Source. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Stacking-logo.jpg#/media/File:Stacking-logo.jpg

Game: Stacking

  • A cool Dark, Industrial, Steampunky kinda game where you play as the smallest little Russian Stacking Doll on a quest to save your family.
  • You get to jump into other Dolls and use their special abilities (like flying, or passing gas…) to solve puzzles.
  • It’s also available on Steam (and is currently less than $5). (Mel snapped this one up! Thanks Karen!)


Kelly’s Recommendation:


Website: PointlessSites.com

  • A site that catalogs Pointless Websites in the categories of Animations, Completely Pointless, Games and Puzzles, Interactive Playthings, etc..  Find things like a talking William Shatner Head, Animated Corgi Gifs, Sad Animal Facts.
  • Hours and Hours of Pointless Fun! You even get to vote.


Social Media:

Kelly: @PointlessSites: They tweet a Pointless Site every day. (See the awesome one below ~Mel)

Karen: Eat Your Kimchi on Youtube. Simon and Martina share their adventures in Asia!

Mel: is still a social media loser.


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