Episode 47 – Eat and drink like you ******* care


Mel’s Recommendation:


Book: Thug Kitchen: Eat Like You Give a F*ck

  • A HILARIOUSLY profane vegetarian book from the folks over at ThugKitchen.com. The F word abounds. Abounds!
  • Be warned, this is not a cookbook you want to give to your grandma though…. unless your grandma is AWESOME!

The Book Trailer below contains awesomeness and a lot of BAD WORDS.


Kelly’s Recommendation:


TV Series: Drunk History on Comedy Central

  • Drunk History started out as a skit on Funny or Die, but Comedy Central decided to turn it into a series with hilarious results.
  • Essentially very drunk people teach you history while real actors reenact the historical event.
  • It’s surprisingly educational.


Drunk History with Bob Odenkirk as Nixon! (see more Bob Odenkirk related awesomeness below.)


Kelly has put forth the notion that we should do a Drunk Nurture and Support. What do you folks think? Who do you think would pass out puke first? #DrunkNurtAndSupp

Social Media Recommendations:

Mel: @theonlygolden: a lovely lady who’s not afraid to express herself.

Kelly: @BetterCallSaul: The official twitter account of the upcoming Breaking Bad spinoff. Follow and prepare yourself!


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Episode 46 – Twitchy, non-sparkling, vampires

Kelly’s Recommendation:

Watching Dead

Podcast: Watching Dead at BaldMove.com

  • Jim and A. Ron of BaldMove talk about each episode of The Walking Dead.
  • Be advised that the language is colorful.
  • They have recently started playthroughs of The Walking Dead Season 2 game over on Twitch (see below).


Service: Twitch

  • Twitch is a video service that allows anyone to broadcast livestreams online. It is primarily used by gamers, but more artists are using it to show how they create their digital masterpieces.
  • Each broadcast has a chatroom which allows real time interactions between viewers and the broadcaster.
  • If you use the Raptr gaming service, Twitch support is built in!


Mel’s Recommendation:


Movie: My Babysitter’s a Vampire (movie)

  • This Canadian made for tv movie was also turned into a tv series.
  • 2 mathletes discover their babysitter is actually a fledgling vampire.
  • This geek-filled vampire romp involves a popular movie series called Dusk that closely parodies Twilight. It also involves the use of homemade UV emitting lightsabers made out of grandma’s tanning bed bulbs. What’s not to love?
  • Available on Netflix!


Social Media Recommendations:

Kelly:  @RandyOrtonedRKO  It’s so awesome, it doesn’t need words. (Twitter account updated after show)


Mel: @ExtraLife4Kids: Every year gamers and Extra Life get together to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network by doing 24 hour gaming marathons that are broadcast on Twitch. Check out the action on Saturday Oct. 25, 2014!

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Episode 45 – Spiders, Wasps, and Helicopters

The super-awesome Rachael Rigda (@RSRigda) joins us this episode.  Rachael lives in Australia.  When it is Tuesday here, it is Wednesday there, so Kelly is convinced she lives IN THE FUTURE.

Future, present, past, this episode you get:  More movies! More music!

Mel’s Recommendation:


Movie: Big Ass Spider

  • A fabulously funny movie starring Greg Grunberg and directed by Mike Mendez that recently landed on Netflix.
  • Greg Grunberg and Lombardo Boyar make the best Big Ass Spider Killing Team.
  • It might be the best thing you’ve seen all year.
  • Also stars Ray Wise and Patrick Bauchau.


Rachael’s Recommendation:

Movie: The Wasp Woman (1959)


  • A early Roger Corman movie where a special youth serum has the unfortunate side effect of turning a woman into a wasp.
  • The Cinematic Titanic version (think MST3K) is free for Amazon Prime members.


Kelly’s Recommendation:


Music: XTC- Drums and Wires

  • The 3rd album released by Andy Partridge and Colin Moulding.
  • Kelly finds a way to connect Breaking Bad and XTC….
  • You can listen to this album on Spotify!
  • We like this one:


Social Media Recommendations:

Mel: @madmanmendez: the Twitter account of Mike Mendez, the director of Big Ass Spider.

Rachel: Soul Pancake: They put out POSITIVE videos on You Tube.. Subscribe here!

Kelly: @damnlifepics: Perfect Timed Photos features fun and cool pics and videos taken at “just” the right moment.


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Episode 44 – Touching Evil Holy Coconut Water

We talk Harry Nilsson, indie comic Touching Evil, and play Use Holy Water. Don’t forget to answer the poll question in the comments!

Kelly’s Recommendation:


Documentary: ‘Who Is Harry Nilsson (And Why Is Everybody Talkin’ About Him?)’

  • This documentary about the singer-songwriter Harry Nilsson is available on Netflix.
  • He wrote “One (is the loneliest number)” and the eternal “Coconut” (see below!)
  • A lot of Harry Nilsson’s songs are over on Spotify.  Including “Nilsson Sings Newman’ which is AWESOME



Matt’s Recommendation:


Comic: “Touching Evil” by Dan Dougherty

  • This indie comic is available at beardocomics.com
  • Ada Mansfield is the new bearer of a Curse that allows her to kill “anyone she touches…if they’re evil”.
  • Poll: If Ada touched Kelly, would he live or die? Answer in the comments!


Mel’s Recommendation:


Game App: Use Holy Water

  • Available on iOS and Android.
  • Kill Zombies, Vampires, Skeletons, and Even a Zombie Chopper with Acid Rain and Holy Water.


Social Media Recommendations:

Kelly: @FacesPics: Faces In Things. Admit it, you see a face. An account that tweet pics of faces in places they shouldn’t be.

Matt: @amellywood: the twitter account of Stephen Amell, the star of Arrow on the CW. He’s using his fame for good. (He’s not just a pretty face folks. ~Mel)

Mel: @Dhewlett: the twitter account of David Hewlett aka Rodney McKay from Stargate Atlantis.




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Episode 43 – Dragons and Death By Misadventure

Mel and Kelly talk movies!

Mel’s Recommendation:


Movie: The Freshman (1990)

  •  A Comedy starring Marlon Brando and Matthew Broderick.
  • Mel declares it the BEST MOB MOVIE EVER.
  • Also features a KOMODO DRAGON sort of. The part of the dragon was played by a huge Asian Water Monitor.



Kelly’s Recommendation:


 Movie: Stoned (2005)

  • Tells the story of original Rolling Stones member and founder, Brian Jones.
  • He may or may not have died in Winnie the Pooh’s pool. Conspiracy theories abound.
  • Available on Netflix!
  • Also stars David Morrissey aka “The Governor”!


Social Media Recommendations:

Kelly’s: @AceFrehley: The Original Space Ace from Kiss. He’s touring again!

  • We digress about Kiss for a while. It’s fun. Listen, then go watch Runaway.

Mel’s: @SteveNiles: Independent Comic Writer responsible for ‘30 Days of Night‘ and ‘Remains‘. He’s also the keeper of Gil..

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Episode 42 – Monkey Music to Tweet By

A show for those who analyze their Twitter and over analyze their music.

Kelly’s Recommendation:

Service/website: Twitter Analytics   https://analytics.twitter.com 

Kelly recommended the analytic dashboard that Twitter recently opened up for free for all of us to use.  It is a “lava lamp” service from most of us – maybe not super useful, but fun and interesting to look at.  Features include:

  • See how many people actually view your tweet, interact with it, etc.
  • See where you followers are from.  Kelly is not doing well in Australia and blames @RSRigda
  • See who your followers follow

Here is an example of the engagement chart with editorial comments added by Kelly


Here is an example of the follower/location graphic



Mel’s Recommendation:


Music Software: MediaMonkey

  • Music Jukebox software that does a great job of organizing your digital media files.
  • There’s an Android App that allows this program to sync your media to your phone or tablet.
  • It also can sync to your iPhone or iPad (unless iOS 8 has broken that feature temporarily).
  • Most importantly, this program can automatically find LYRICS for your mp3s!!
  • This program is free, but there is a Gold version that unlocks more features. Try it out and see if it works for you.


Social Media Recommendations:

Kelly: @NewsTypewriter : Newsroom Typewriter is a crochety old 1949 typewriter fresh from the newsroom.

Mel: @TomEScott: Thomas Everett Scott’s twitter!


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Episode 41 – Creepy Cute

We have creepy and cute characters from this week’s book and a very special tv series. Listen if you dare!

Mel’s Recommendation:



Book: ‘The Ocean At The End Of The Lane’ by Neil Gaiman

  • A short novel narrated by a nameless man who returns to his home town for a funeral and finds himself remembering fantastical memories from his childhood where a girl named Lettie saved him from a number of different evils.
  • From the inside flap: “It is a stirring, terrifying, and elegiac fable as delicate as a butterfly’s wing and as menacing as a knife in the dark.”
  • Mel dubs it #CreepyCute as only Neil Gaiman can do.
  • Additionally, Mr. Gaiman narrates the audiobook, which is fantastic!


Kelly’s Recommendation:

TV Series: ‘Jack Of All Trades’


  • Stars Bruce Campbell and Angela Marie Dotchin and aired in 2000.
  • A tongue-firmly-in-cheek tale of an American Spy fighting the good fight against Napoleon while stationed on a little island in the West Indes. (It’s not quite historically accurate so don’t get your knickers in a knot. ~ M)
  • It’s fun! It’s swashbuckling! IT HAS BRUCE CAMPBELL!
  • If this opening sequence doesn’t bring a small to your face, you have a cold dead heart…..


Social Media Recommendations:

Mel: @DanielGennaoui: Amazing photographs from around the world, including street art.

Kelly: @KOSARTeffects: J Anthony Kosar is the Season 4 winner of Face Off! He makes some outstanding makeup effects.


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Episode 40 – Tales of bullies and socks

A tale of Wrestlers and Piano Rock awaits you.

Also, I apologize for the sound issues. Sorry folks!  ~Mel

Kelly’s Recommendation:


Book: ‘Foley Is Good: And the Real World is Faker Than Wrestling’ by Mick Foley

  • Mick Foley aka Mankind aka Cactus Jack aka Dude Love of the World Wrestling Federation shines a light behind the scenes of Professional Wrestling.
  • Mel is quite impressed by it’s 3.86/4.00 rating on Goodreads!
  • Kelly even met Mr. Foley at a Con! Here’s proof!


Mankind (Mick Foley) introduces Mr. Socko!! (warning: clown in this video)

Another Alice Cooper video Kelly mentioned.  Everyone act surprised


Mel’s Recommendation:


Music: Something Corporate

  • A late 1990’s Punk/Emo that Rocks the Piano. Hey, at least it’s not more cellos. 
  • 2 major albums, Leaving Through the Window, and North were followed by a greatest hits album Played In Space.
  • Mel suggests you watch the concert DVD, Something Corporate – Live at the Ventura Theater (much of it is on YouTube).
  • Check them out on Spotify or YouTube.
  • Below is their most popular song, ‘If You C Jordan’ which you may be familiar with…


Social Media Recommendations:

Kelly: @MyVogonPoetry: A King amongst The Hashtag Game players.

Mel: @Mr_Mike_Clarke: Follow and you will laugh.


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Episode 39 – Carbon, nitrogen, helium, and Victorian Steampunk

It’s all about Science and Steampunk! (And maybe a little bit about Victorian Underwear.)

Mel’s Recommendation:


Book/Comic/Web-Comic: Girl Genius: A Gaslamp Fantasy with Adventure, Romance and Mad Science

  • A wonderful Steampunk Web-Comic by Phil and Kaja Foglio available at GirlGeniusOnline.com
  • If you’re new to this one, definitely start in the archives here.
  • Girl Genius tells the story of Agatha Heterodyne, a builder of “clanks” in a Steampunk Victorian Era Europe and her ongoing adventures.
  • It’s a fun steampunk/gaslamp romp with a fun heroine, lots of airships, and a huge cast of quirky characters. You have got to meet some Jagerkin.



Kelly’s Recommendation:


Music: ‘Here Comes Science’ by They Might Be Giants

  • A 2009 Album by TMBG. While technically a children’s album, both Kelly and Mel like this one.
  • Check out all of the Music Videos from the album here!
  • The great sun debate (gas or plasma) is settled in this album.  You all recall the big sun debate, right???
  • You get the DVD and CD when you purchase the physical version.




Social Media Recommendations:

Mel: @superherotexts: Like it says, it’s Texts From Superheros.

Kelly: @nailedit: As you might suspect, these people did not, in fact, “nail it”.


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Episode 38 – Alice Cooper’s army meets Bloaty Head

Kelly listens to more Alice Cooper and shows us Alice in France while Mel pretends to be a doctor in Theme Hospital and hunts a very elusive Raptr.

Kelly’s Recommendation:


 Music: Special Forces by ALICE COOPER

  •  Special Forces is a 1981 album by the one and only Alice Cooper that’s the middle one of the three “Blackout Albums” that Alice does not actually remember recording in the early 80s.
  • The album photos and tour featured the biggest departure from Alice’s “traditional” make-up… and even Kelly admits it is “not his best look”.
  • If Alice was ever in charge of his own branch of the military, it would look and sound like “Special Forces”.  So there is that.

 Video: Special Forces in Paris!

  • Alice and the band did a series of Special Forces music videos on French TV!
  • In addition to most of the Special Forces songs, the show featured past hits like “Under My Wheels”…



Mel’s Recommendation:


Game: Theme Hospital by Bullfrog Productions/ Electronic Arts

  • a 1999 Hospital Management Sim game that is full of fun diseases like Bloaty Head,  The Squits, Slack Tongue, and Heaped Piles.
  • It’s available over at GOG.com and due to their awesomeness, it will now play on your Windows 8 computer!
  • Sadly, the GOG version will not give you play credit on Raptr, but it’s still worth it.

Game Service: Raptr

  • A gaming community/service that tracks not only your games, but the time you spend playing them!
  • You actually earn points for the time you spend playing PC, Xbox, Playstaion, or Wii games.
  • Join up and join the hunt for this adorable little guy, the elusive Raptr Dino Plushie!

You better not win him before I do.

Social Media Recommendations:

Kelly: @theretronaut: All retro photos every hour!

Mel: @geekbegangster: Geek stuff galore!

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