N&S – Ep 165 – More Crafts, More Documentaries!

We’re back this week with some old standbys: making stuff and watching documentaries. Come join in!


Mel’s Rec:

Crafting Classes: Curious Mondo

  • A really cool website that offers online classes for lots of different professional level craft making endeavors.
  • Polymer clay ooak doll sculpting, jewelry making, a super cool puppet making class



Kelly’s Rec:

Documentary: Finding Vivian Maier

  • A very interesting look at the found art of Vivian Maier
  • Check out her photos here



Social Media Corner:

Kelly: Odin Makes on YouTube: cool cosplay stuff!



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Squat Cobbler 76: The Clash – London Calling (review)

“Don’t ya’ know it is wrong to cheat the tryin’ man?”


This week we review “London Calling” by the Clash.  Spoiler… this is a BRILLIANT album.

Here is the… ummmm… interesting riff off “Guns of Brixton” by Cypress Hill that Mike mentioned.

Well, we can’t end the post with that, so…

N&S- Ep 164- A little dark, very bloody

Music, books, steampunk cosplay

Kelly’s Rec:

Documentary: Devo- The Complete Truth about De-Evolution

  • a documentary about Devo’s “mind blowing music video legacy” that’s free for Amazon Prime members
  • share the earworm




Mel’s Rec:


Book: The Alchemists of Loom (Loom Saga Book 1) by Elise Kova

  • Lotta steampunk with cool magic, political intrigue, and revenge
  • And really cool covers
  • You can read the whole series with you Kindle Unlimited subscription
  • The cover art is freaking wonderful and the artist is Nick D. Grey


Clockwork Angels by Kevin J Anderson and Rush – totally not the Cassandra Clare one y’all.

What do you think Kelly’s next Kylo Ren Mashup cosplay should be? Leave it in the comments!


Social Media Corner:

Devo on twitter



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Squat Cobbler 75: Tangent Tally Bacon


Given our tendency to go off on tangents in past Squats, we have introduced the tangent tally – a feature on all future Squat Cobblers (and past ones when Kelly gets around to it).  Just our gift to listeners to warn them in advance on how meandering an episode might be.

Also, in what is likely a vain attempt to cleanse future shows from this, we decided to do a show of nothing but tangents to “get them out of our (Mike’s) system”.

So enjoy our discussion of hashtag games/bacon/MABA hats/The New Orleans Saints/the “big game”/Applebees/Women’s World Cup/Canada/Cloverfield/True Blood/TV shows/Ted Bundy/court appearances/Varg/Prison Escapes.

N&S – Ep 163 – Light and Dark

Sorry for the long wait. Life gets in the way. A lot.  We’ve got a little something for your eyes and your ears this time!


Mel’s Rec

Music: Trevor Hall

  • His latest album is The Fruitful Darkness. Check it out on YouTube or Spotify. My favs are Karma and The Weaver.
  • It’s very positive and upbeat and will make you a better person. 😀
  • The first song I heard of Trevor’s is below. You can download it from Jam In The Van for free. Which is freaking awesome.





Kelly’s Rec

Comics: The White Knight

  • Available in a collected edition from DC or wherever you get your graphic novels.
  • The Joker is the Good Guy!
  • There’s some really cool stuff going on with the Batmobile too.



Social Media Corner:

Check out Alison @allison_vic on insta: or @AllisonSWolfe on the twitters. Go check out her Worst Cooks in America Stuff!


Endless Screaming @infinite_scream:


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Squat Cobbler 74: Space Issues

This week Mike and Kelly set a record for tangents prior to the recommendations.  Sorry.

Mike’s RecommendationTechnology Connections YouTube Channel

This channel is a treasure trove on all sorts of technology tidbits ranging from closed captioning, LEDs, DVD-RAM, Laserdiscs,etc…

Mike specifically mentioned the segment on the history of cassette tapes as a “must listen”

Kelly’s Recommendation – Walking Dead Our World app

Great game play, augmented reality, and zombies (!) in the Pokemon Go meets the Walking Dead app.  Available on Android and iOS, this joint effort between Google Maps and AMC is extremely fun to play.  Game play is intuitive, but if you want to take it to the next level, Reddit has all the information you would ever need.  The app is challenging Pokemon Go as Kelly’s go to “walk in and out of work” entertainment.

As mentioned in the podcast, Kelly recommended Pokemon Go on Nurture and Support 120 (July 2016). In a clear violation of recommendation protocol, Mike recommended Pokemon Go on Squat Cobbler 8 (August 2016).

Please remember, if Mike recommends The Walking Dead Our World at a later date, we all need to call him out and declare “CHICANERY! CHICANERY!”

Social Media Recommendations

Kelly: @ChrisEvans – Captain America is a must follow as we approach Avenger’s Endgame… plus Mr. Evans is a stand up guy

Mike: Kelly’s YouTube channel – home of Nurture and Support, Squat Cobbler, A Saul and Battery, and other silliness.

Squat Cobbler 73: Cosplay and Retro Gaming

This week you’ll get a great YouTube channel recommendation and a fun retro gaming option.  In addition to the recommendations, Mike and Kelly wander around such topics as YouTube comments, monetization, the Amiga 2000, BASIC, and The Killing Joke.

Kelly’s Recommendation

Orvix Cosplay – This is an awesome YouTube channel run by an equally awesome person.  It has cosplay talk, how-to videos, vlogs from cons and Disneyland… what’s not to love?

Here is the super cool Killing Joke shirt project Kelly mentioned

Mike’s Recommendation

The C64 Mini – Aside from a keyboard unable to cope with Mike’s large man hands, this is a pretty amazing retro gaming option – at a great price.  Not only can you install additional games to the system, it comes fully operational for you to code and run BASIC programs.

Here is the difference between DO WHILE and DO UNTIL.  Kelly still doesn’t grasp it.

Social Media Recommendations

Kelly – Orvix Cosplay’s Instagram

Mike – Mike recommended @the64mini on Twitter, but that account doesn’t exist.  So enjoy the keyboard size rants on the hashtag

Random Chatter Scrapbook

Here is Kelly’s “Night King of Ren” cosplay…

The game Kelly cheated at all the time on the Amiga was called “Wings”…

N&S- Ep. 162 – The Sogmaster

We’re BACK!! Well, sorta. If Mel’s internet holds up. We’ll see. No guarantees. 


Mel’s Rec: 

YouTube: The Crafsman SteadyCraftin

  • The most positive and cool Crafting channel you will find on YouTube


Kelly’s Rec:

Apps: Cash Show and HQ Trivia

  • These 2 trivia apps PAY you real money for answering trivia questions.
  • Cash Show is on hiatus until 2019 and HQ Trivia has suffered the loss of it’s CEO
  • Get ready for Cash Show on itunes or google
  • Get HQ Trivia on itunes or google


Dylan’s video for reference 



Mike’s Rec:

Album: Mayhem’s Grand Declaration of War Remastered

  • Despite what Mike told you, this is not Christian Folk Music.
  • Spotify Link



Social Media Corner:

Mel: In lieu of an actual social media account, I give you a video that made me laugh. 


Mike: @realDonaldTrump on Twitter (From Mel: Mike apparently just wants to hurt me, so I refuse to link to this account. I offer you an alternative below.)

  • @RealPressSecBot this account takes the tweets from the previous account and puts them on some official letterhead to make them the official press releases that they are.  So Fun.
  • If you would like to watch the commercial for the Pizza Sandwich:


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Squat Cobbler 72: Top 5 Live Albums

This week Mike and Kelly run down their top five favorite live albums…


1. Appetite for Democracy – Gun’s N’ Roses

2. Still – Nine Inch Nails

3. Live – Alice in Chains

4. Live Bootleg – Aerosmith

5 . Living in Clip – Ani Difranco


Kelly (true Alice Cooper fan)

1. Waiting For Columbus – Little Feat

2. Alice Cooper – Fistful of Alice

3. Peter Gabriel – Peter Gabriel Play Live

4. Big World – Joe Jackson

5. Welcome to the Club – Ian Hunter