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On March 16 at 10:15pm Central time, Melissa and I return with “A Saul and Battery” to discuss the latest “Better Call Saul” episode… “Bingo”.  And yes, Kelly will once again share his “artwork” capturing key show elements.


To connect with us via Google+ Hangout on March 16 at 10:15pm Central time, here:

If G+ is not your thing, you can view the show live and later “not so live” off of:

Kelly’s YouTube channel
Note: the video will show up on Kelly’s channel when we go live at 10:15pm Central

We will recap the episode, share our reactions, and each pick a favorite quote from the show.

Here is how YOU can join in:

  • By Twitter (either tweet @karmic9 or @kellythul, or use the hashtag #TalkSaul)
  • By the Google+ Hangout Q&A feature

We are excited about the show and really want to connect with people, build a community, and #TalkSaul!!

Here is last week’s show in case you missed it…

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