Squat Cobbler 20 – More Alice and More Scooby Doo Than You Expect

All hell breaks loose this week.  Not a show for the kiddos.  Eventually.

Kelly’s Recommendation

Super Duper Alice Cooper – Documentary

One of the best Alice Cooper documentaries out there.  This sheds new (or more) light on the group’s breakup and the “lost albums” Alice did in the 80s.  Alice, Dennis Dunaway, Iggy Pop and John Lydon all join in on the fun.  And Alice’s mom too.

Mike’s Recommendation – (please read below)

Mike recommended cosplay porn this week as a way to bring our country together and heal.  Yes, you will hear him actually state this in the podcast.  He indicated Scooby Doo is his favorite theme in this and Scoob and crew were well represented in the genre.  Yes, you will actually hear him say that in the podcast too.  He did give “Cosplay Babes” a shout out, but fell short of explicitly recommending them (pun intended).

Sorry, no links, pics, or embedded videos for this recommendation.  Pretty good chance is you search on “Daphne and Velma” with the safe search off, you’ll find one of Mike’s favorites.

Mike got the pre-show disclaimer he had been hoping for as well.  So there is that.

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