Squat Cobbler 31: Hail to the Pagan

Jam packed show this week including the announcement of the Bilinski/Thul 2020 presidential ticket.

Mike’s recommendationKorg monotron delay

An affordable way to start to play with analog music.  You get an amazing amount of capabilities from a device not much larger than a smart phone.  Also much safer than Mike’s water-based keyboard.

Kelly’s recommendationBetter Call Saul Insider Podcast

This is the second best recap show for Better Call Saul, after “A Saul and Battery“.  Show creators Vince Gillian and Peter Gould participate in every show and it is full of insights and backstory of the production, writing, and filming of one of the best shows on TV currently.


Kelly – @OcalaCobra

Mike – @holidill

And, as promised, here is the 2000% not safe for work show Mike and Dylan (@holidill) did review the movie “Showgirls”.



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