Squat Cobbler 38: Alice Cooper – Trash (review)

“I’ll drive you like hammer on the bed of nails”

This week Mike and Kelly discuss Alice Cooper’s 18th album, “Trash”.

They are pretty sure this is still the best selling of all of Alice’s albums and it featured a major return to the singles chart with “Poison”.

While it certainly can be debated, both Mike and Kelly felt this was a good album, just not a good Alice Cooper album.  Tons of guest stars including Jon Bon Jovi, Steven Tyler and Kip Winger may have contributed to that.

Had this whole album been done live, it would have fared much better in the rankings.  Song like Poison and Trash really are a whole different level of awesome live.  For example:


SMLTBCBPB (Song most likely to be covered by Pat Boone):

Only My Heart Talkin’



  1. Love It To Death
  2. Billion Dollar Babies
  3. Killer
  4. From the Inside
  5. School’s Out
  6. Welcome To My Nightmare
  7. Flush the Fashion
  8. Constrictor
  9. DaDa
  10. Muscle Of Love
  11. Special Forces
  12. Lace and Whiskey
  13. Zipper Catches Skin
  14. Raise Your Fist and Yell
  15. Trash
  16. Alice Cooper Goes to Hell
  17. Easy Action
  18. Pretties for You


  1. Billion Dollar Babies
  2.  Love It To Death
  3. From the Inside
  4. Killer
  5. Welcome To My Nightmare
  6. School’s Out
  7. Special Forces
  8. Flush the Fashion
  9. Constrictor
  10. DaDa
  11. Muscle Of Love
  12. Alice Cooper Goes to Hell
  13. Zipper Catches Skin
  14. Lace and Whiskey
  15. Trash
  16. Easy Action
  17. Raise Your Fist and Yell
  18. Pretties for You
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