Squat Cobbler 4 – Subtle Plugging

Some music and Game of Thrones fun for you this week.  Plus some Beer Lake and Lou Reed talk.


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Kelly: reddit.com/r/dreadfort

  • A subreddit where you are a banner man for the Boltons from Game of Thrones / Song of Ice and Fire
  • Only rules are to stay in character and lovingly support the flaying experts of Westeros
  • Kelly is wasting lots of time there lately.


Mike: Rob Zombie – The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser

  • Latest from the Alice Cooper buddy and former White Zombie member
  • While short, the songs seem to be constructed to be played on repeat as you stream them
  • Buy it at Target and you’ll get a free vinyl version as well!

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Kelly – @cthulhu4america


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3 Responses to Squat Cobbler 4 – Subtle Plugging

  1. John Sanders says:

    Since you mentioned Beer Lake and Lou’s album New York I have to rec a beer from New York. Puff from Sixpoint in my old neighborhood in Brooklyn. It’s a unfiltered, 9.8 % abv, double IPA. The Sixpoint guys met at the University of Wisconsin years ago and moved to Brooklyn to start the brewery. They consider themselves “mad scientists” of brewing.

  2. karmic9 says:

    Guys…..Worst. Gif. Ever.

    I mean it.

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