Squat Cobbler 50: Alice Cooper playlists

I am the Fox and I go where I want

This week, Mike and I share our playlists of “must hear” Alice Cooper.  Here they are:


  1. Long Way to Go
  2. Under My Wheels
  3. Billion Dollar Babies
  4. Cold Ethyl
  5. Nurse Rosetta
  6. Clones
  7. He’s Back (The Man Behind he Mask) 
  8. Feed My Frankenstein
  9. Poison (live)
  10. Gimme 
  11. Sex, Death and Money 
  12. I’ll Bite Your Face Off 
  13. Rats
  14. The Garden (with Guns and Roses)
  15. Identity Crisises


  1. Halo of Flies
  2. Public Animal #9
  3. Who Do You Think We Are 
  4. Brutal Planet 
  5. Lost in America
  6. Zorro’s Ascent 
  7. Sex, Death and Money
  8. Hello Hurray 
  9. Dead Flies
  10. Gimme
  11. Vengeance is Mine
  12. For Veronica’s Sake
  13. Talk Talk 
  14. I’ll Bite Your Face Off
  15. He’s Back (The Man Behind the Mask)



Mike’s #1

Kelly’s #1

As promised, here is a summary of the songs we recommend Pat Boone records in a full-blown Alice Cooper cover album.  We started this with “Muscle of Love”

  • The Man With the Golden Gun
  • Some Folks
  • You Gotta Dance (Mike) / Give the Kid a Break (Kelly)
  • (No More) Love at Your Convenience
  • How You Gonna See Me Now (Mike) / For Veronica’s Sake (Kelly)
  • Aspirin Damage
  • You Want It, You Got It
  • No Baloney Homo Sapiens (for Steve and ET) (Mike) / I Like Girls (Kelly)
  • I Love America
  • Thrill My Gorilla (Mike. Note: Mike has Pat in a gorilla suit performing it) / Life and the Death of the Party (Kelly)
  • Only My Heart Talkin’
  • Feed My Frankenstein (Mike) / Wind Up Toy (Kelly)
  • Cleansed By Fire (Mike) / It’s Me (Kelly)
  • It’s the Little Things (Mike) / Eat Some More (Kelly)
  • Fantasy Man
  • Man of the Year
  • Woman of Mass Destruction (Mike) / Stand (with Michael Winslow) (Kelly)
  • Wrapped In Silk (Mike) / Vengeance Is Mine (Kelly)
  • Disco Bloodbath Boogie Fever
  • Holy Water (Mike) / Genuine American Girl (Kelly)

Here is why we did this….


As ALSO promised…. the FULL Special Forces concert

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3 Responses to Squat Cobbler 50: Alice Cooper playlists

  1. David Hewitt says:

    Really enjoyed listening to these, maybe a future episode tackling the tours or leftover material (b-sides, etc.) Would also be interesting to hear what you think a tour for Zipper or Dada would’ve been like.

  2. David Hewitt says:

    Here’s another thought to ponder, certain tours he performed a good portion of songs from the then new album (From the Inside, Flush the Fashion, Trash, Eyes of Alice Cooper to name a few), while other albums only had two or three songs performed (Lace and Whiskey, Special Forces, Constrictor, Along Came A Spider, and Welcome 2 My Nightmare for example). It always made me wonder if this was a sign of whether or not he liked a certain album as opposed to others.

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