Squat Cobbler 8 – Squatconomy 101

This week Kelly keeps talking about Alice Cooper and Mike continues the Pokemon GO discussion.  It is also the first time you will hear of a game that one day, WILL RULE THEM all…

Squatiemon GO

Details are sketchy, but our good friend Dylan from Dylan Knows fame will be a Squatiemon.  First stage will be Holidill, which will evolve to Assisto.

Kelly’s recommendation: www.votealicecooper.com


If you write Alice Cooper in for the presidential election, Mike and Kelly are pretty sure it counts. And you REALLY REALLY need to do this.

The site outlines Alice’s platform AND you can get a bumper sticker!

Mike’s recommendation: Pokemon GO


Not unsurprisingly, Mike shares how he uses Pokemon Go to ruin other’s lives.

The Squatiemon “Mikaku” stopped by and mentioned this subtle plug as well…

Social Media recommendation 

Mike: Future AWESOME Squatiemon, Vex X – https://www.instagram.com/official_starskream


Here is a little of Mika, Kelly’s suggestion for the new lead singer for AC/DC

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