Squat Cobbler 109: Cold Cold Coffin (review)


This week Dr. Mike and I review an awesome piece of rock cinema call “Cold Cold Coffin” by the bass player of the original Alice Cooper Group, Dennis Dunaway.  You NEED to watch this.

Outside of discussing this, Mike and I find time to reiterate our deep desire to secure the Battle Axe tour costumes (designed by Dennis’ wife Cindy) and begin plotting our own “Squat Cobbler – Behind the mic” podcast cinema.

Dennis… if you are out there… we REALLY need those costumes.


Here is the Kickstarter site for Cold Cold Coffin – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dennisdunaway/cold-cold-coffin-rock-cinema

Our feed – http://nurtureandsupport.net/feed/podcast
iTunes – Nurture and Support
Stitcher, Google Play and Kelly’s YouTube Channel.

Thanks for listening!  Kelly (@kellythul) and Dr. Mike (@officialpagan)

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