A Saul and Battery – Better Call Saul S2E1 – Switch

Melissa, Mike and I return with “A Saul and Battery”, a LIVE recap show of Better Call Saul!  This seasons we will be doing the show on Tuesdays at 9pm Central time.  Usually.

Each show will feature:

  • A sixty second recap of the most recent episode
  • A couple of rounds of Q&A – tweet us yours!
  • Favorite quotes

Here is how YOU can join in:

We are excited about the show and really want to connect with people, build a community, and #TalkSaul!!

To join us live via Google Hangout on February 16 at 9:00pm Central time, here:


Or via YouTube here:

If you can’t catch us live, you can view the show (and past shows) here:

Kelly’s YouTube channel



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