Awesome scary podcast – The Shadow Diaries (Nurture & Support {Cobbler} 186)

This week in sort of a Nurture and Support and Squat Cobbler combo, we visit with Gerald Webb about the amazing podcast “The Shadow Diaries” brought to you by the good folks at Studio71 and Snarled Entertainment.

This podcast stars Madelaine Petsch & Kara Hayward and around episode 4, our favorite cantankerous, ugly shirt wearing friend Gerald Webb shows up.

In a few weeks the season finale will be published and we plan to do a “tweet sync” where we all start the podcast off of the Snarled YouTube channel playlist at the same time and tweet along with it with Gerald and maybe some surprise guests joining in.

Jump on this, it would be awesome to have a big group for the live tweet.  In addition to YouTube, you can find The Shadow Diaries on nearly all podcast platforms.

This episode is also available on YouTube

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Thanks for listening! Mel (@karmic9), Dr. Mike (@officialpagan) and Kelly (@kellythul)

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