Episode 100 (part 1) – Recommendation MADNESS

To celebrate our 100th podcast, we decided to do something different from our usual format, so we set up a tournament featuring past recommendations and asked a bunch of our friends to help us out.

64 recommendations… 10 guests… 3 near evictions… cellos… Alice Cooper… and MORE!

So MUCH more in fact – we had to make this show into two parts.  This week you will hear the “King in the North” and “Clegane” brackets.  Next week we go through the “Braavos” and “Dorne” brackets AND the final rounds taking us to the …



In addition,  we are using a limited edition theme song that combines the two we have used during past shows…  plus a corgi (of course).  Regular listeners may recall that usually the YouTube version of the show just displays the Nurture and Support logo.  For these two shows we spiced the video version up a little bit too.  Just a little, you’ll have to wait until the picks start being made.  Be sure to check it out.

Special thanks to the “pickers” for this week’s show, @katefrost_inc, @officialpagan, @GeraldWebb, and @Sean_Schick



Because we recorded this over several weeks and these great folks made the time to help us when their schedules permitted, you will also hear a bit from @ohalchemygirl (while Gerald is picking) and @MattShivers_VO (while Sean is picking) this week… and much more from them next week 🙂

alicia matt

As usual, @MattShivers_VO did us a solid (for Mel/in spite of Kelly) and created some nice audio segments for us to include as well.  Thanks Matt!!

We would like to thank all of you who have listened, supported and/or joined us on our little podcast.  You are the ones that make it fun to do.

Except Sean.  He’s a jerk.

Want to subscribe to the Nurture and Support podcast??   Our feed – http://nurtureandsupport.net/feed/podcast  iTunes – Nurture and Support, Stitcher, and Kelly’s YouTube Channel.  Thanks for listening! Mel (@karmic9) and Kelly (@kellythul)

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