Episode 100 (part 2) – Recommendation MADNESS

The week long wait is OVER!!!

We hope you enjoyed part 1 of show 100 and finally you will find out the winner of RECOMMENDATION MADNESS!!

To take us through the Braavos and Dorne backets, we were joined by @Atypical_Ashley@ohalchemygirlMattShivers_VO and @missdestructo (!!!)

ashley alicia


Careful listeners will note a brief visit from @sean_schick as well during Matt’s picks (sorry).

Once we got down to 8 remaining recommendations, @HeleMcGe  and @mcgenva joined us to wrap this up and name a champion!


In the spirit of NO SPOILERS, we will wait to send out a congratulatory post sometime later.

The special YouTube version of this show is also now available on our playlist and suitable for framing.

Again, we would like to thank all of you who have listened, supported and/or joined us on our little podcast.  You are the ones that make it fun to do.

And again, except Sean.  Because… jerk.

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