Episode 101- Mo Novels Mo Eno

We start off our next set of 100 podcasts with a great app and more on a musical genius.

Mel’s Recommendation:


App: Serial Box

  • A new app that delivers choice serialized novels to you in both text and/or audio versions on your phone or tablet.
  • There are 2 current ongoing novels, with a third starting in January.
  • A new episode is released every week, and you can buy the new episode right from within the app.
  • I really prefer this experience to the way the Kindle handles serials, so check it out.
  • It’s available on iOS and Android.


Kelly’s Recommendation:


Documentary: Brian Eno – 1971-1977: The Man Who Fell To Earth

  • This Doc covers Brian Eno’s career after he left Roxy Music from 1971-1977
  • Available on Amazon Prime Video or over on YouTube (in 16 parts!).
  • Covers the 3 albums that he did with David Bowie; his own albums, such as Another Green World (a MUST listen); collaborations with folks like Robert Fripp; and his emergence into ambient music.
  • He also starts his own record label during all of this!


Kelly’s Recommendation Corner:

@AshleyElizabeth: a very funny Live Tweeter of Gotham and The Walking Dead (just to name a few). HAIL HYDRA!

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