Episode 102 – Fallout with some Hollywood Vampires

Well, well, well. Here’s some more Alice Cooper and post-apocalyptic gaming for you from Kelly and Mel!

Kelly’s Recommendation:


Album: The Hollywood Vampires by The Hollywood Vampires

  • Wait for it ….. Alice Cooper!
  • This is Alice’s tribute to his old cohorts from the first Hollywood Vampires and features quite a few awesome musicians (Brian Johnson, Paul McCartney, Perry Farrel, Dave Grohl, Joe Perry, Joe Walsh, Johnny Depp, and more!)
  • The entire album is available on Spotify.


Mel’s Recommendation:


Game: Fallout 4 by Bethesda

  • This one’s available on PC AND all of the consoles!
  • Journey through a Post Apocalyptic Wasteland with a dog named Dogmeat, and your robot butler named Codsworth.
  • This features one of Mel’s other loves, Retro Futurism. Think 1950s version of the future. Also Diamond City radio plays some awesome tunes. Butcher Pete by Roy Brown is disturbing (so many dirty songs here folks 🙂 )
  • This game features a huge world to explore and possibly kill you. There’s lots of Crafting, Settlement building, and shooting bad guys and mutants. There’s also some mutant cows. They’re kinda cute. Mine likes to sleep in the house….


Just a Girl and Her Robot Butler

Just a Girl and Her Robot Butler


Mutant House Cow



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  Kelly’s: @Mister_CMS  aka Corey Michael Smith aka the Riddler on Gotham       

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