Episode 104 – Slingshotenstein

Gaming, genius… good golly!

Kelly’s Recommendation:


Game: Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

  • a free team-based multi-player online pc game developed by Splash Damage.
  • It works on PC, Mac, and even Linux systems. Go here to download.
  • Pick a server, a side (Axis or Allies), and then your character class (there are 5 types) and join a game.
  • Thanks to @TonySolo for bringing this one to our attention!
  • Give it a try even if your pc is a little (or a lot) old. Splash Damage says it will work even on a Win 98 machine!

Mel’s Recommendation:


Documentary: Slingshot

  • This doc is about Dean Kamen (the inventor of the Segway… and lots of other things) and his journey to create a machine to bring clean water to the world. That machine is called the SlingShot.
  • It’s available on Netflix and is really an inspiring, uplifting documentary. And really, Mel doesn’t find much “uplifting”.


Kelly’s Social Media Corner:

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