Episode 105 – The Nurture Awakens

Of course we would have Star Wars recommendations this week!

Mel’s Recommendation:


Book: Star Wars: Aftermath (Journey to The Force Awakens #1) by Chuck Wendig

  • a new book series that bridges the gap between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens
  • It features a large cast of interesting characters, including a kick-ass battle droid named Mister Bones. I want a Mister Bones of my very own. We have a slightly bratty overly clever teenager, a kick ass fighter pilot mom, a Zabrak bounty hunter, and a former Imperial Loyalty Officer. Oh, and Wedge Antilles.
  • There has been a little bit of controversy around this book from some folks who claim this book has some sort of Gay Agenda. I looked really hard folks, but I failed to find a Big Gay Jedi Agenda. So draw your own conclusions.
  • It’s a fun action packed caper. Give it a read and let me know who your favorite character was. Mine was Sinjir. 😉


Kelly’s Recommendation:


App: Lightsaber Escape

  • Turn your smartphone into a Lightsaber so you can battle Stormtroopers through your Chrome Browser.
  • Be careful with that whole swinging your phone around thing….
  • Go to lightsaber.withgoogle.com in Chrome on your pc, then open up g.co/lightsaber in Chrome on your phone.
  • The 2 apps sync up and you’re good to power up your lightsaber and become a Jedi.

Social Media Recommendation:


Han says so.

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