Episode 107 – The Unbreakable Saulness of Being

This week Mel and Kelly recommend a couple of outstanding TV series.

Mel’s Recommendation:

TV Series: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt:

  • A Fun sitcom about a woman who was kidnapped as a teenager and locked underground by an Apocalypse Cult Preacher.
  • What? That doesn’t sound like a sitcom? Well, it is. It adorable and fun, and very life-affirming without being horrifyingly silly.
  • It also has one the best Songify type Theme Songs EVER!




Kelly’s Recommendation:

TV Series: Better Call Saul Season 1

  • Did you know we do a recap show about Better Call Saul? You didn’t?! Well get this Blu-ray set and then go here and watch us discuss every episode on A Saul and Battery.
  • There are loads of extras on this Season 1 set, that really make this a great buy for every Better Call Fan.
  • The new season starts mid- February, so hurry up!

Here’s a Blooper Reel from Season 1 —- WARNING—- STRONG LANGUAGE—- VERY STRONG LANGUAGE


Social Media Recommendations:

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