Episode 109 – Brain Cloud Salvation

As you would expect, Mel recommends a Western and Kelly recommends a romantic comedy.  Like we do.

Mel’s Recommendation:


Movie: The Salvation (2014)

  • Stars Mads Mikkelsen, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Eva Green, among many others.
  • This a revenge story set in the Old West and you get to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan be a BAD GUY before you see him as Negan in The Walking Dead.
  • You can watch it for a short while on Showtime On Demand or on the Showtime App.
Look at that face!

Look at that face!


Kelly’s Recommendation:


Movie: Joe vs The Volcano (1990)

  • Stars Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in a ROMANTIC COMEDY! Yes Folks, Kelly recommended a Romantic Comedy!
  • Tom Hanks plays “Joe”, a guy who works in the bleakest factory/office EVER, and he is diagnosed with a terminal Brain Cloud. He agrees to let a rich guy drop him into a volcano in exchange for a boatload of money to enjoy himself before he dies. From his Brain Cloud.
  • Meg Ryan is awesome playing 3 different roles.
  • Dig through your local discount DVD bins to pick this one up. Or pay $2.99 to catch on Amazon Video (Troll 2 costs that)
  • Watch the movie opening below.  You will HAVE to feel better about wherever you work!



Mel’s Social Media Corner:

@DeathMedieval: Medieval Death Bot: tweets real deaths taken from medieval coroner’s notes.


John Sanders: (who lives in a former train station) suggests everyone watch Rocky Horror Picture Show, because Tim Curry is awesome!

Thanks John!


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