Episode 112 – 100 Pirates and a Rabbit

Dylan joins Mel and Kelly this week as a fun movie, a great TV series to binge watch, and a way to enjoy them with your friends are shared.

Kelly’s Recommendation:


Web Service/App: Rabbit

  • Rabbit is a service that allows up to 15 people to share pretty much anything on the web. Including whatever bad Syfy-ish movies you might have lying around.
  • Your friends do need to have a Rabbit account, then just invite them to your room, queue up a YouTube, Netflix, etc video and you can chat about it in real time either with video, voice, or text chat.
  • The web interface is super nice, and looks a lot better than G+ Hangouts do.
  • There is also an iPhone app, but it doesn’t yet work well on iPad.


Dylan’s Recommendation:

Everybody say Hi to Dylan. He has a very active YouTube channel with lots of interesting discussions on all manner of topics including Doctor Who and various comics.


Movie: The Pirate Movie (1982)

  • This spoofy gem from 1982 stars Kristy McNichol and Christopher Atkins (yes the one from Blue Lagoon)
  • This movie is almost the entire reason Dylan got to marry his lovely wife, Dawn.
  • It’s a nice little sort of remake of the Pirates of Penzance and is a MUSICAL! There is singing, nerdy girls, lots of pop culture references, and sexually frustrated pirates. We all like sexually frustrated pirates.
  • While it is available on DVD, the audio leaves a few things to be desired. See below for an alternative.


Mel’s Recommendation:


TV Series: The 100

  • This is a post apocalyptic dystopia. That’s really all we need to say, right?
  • Anyway, after a nuclear war, the last remnants of humanity live in an Ark cobbled together from 12 Space Stations. 97 years later, resources are low and our post apocalyptic dystopia decides to send 100 juvenile criminals down to the Ground to see if the radiation is better. It is, but something else survives and starts killing off the kids.
  • Despite being on The CW network, this show really delves into the moral choices such an existence can force one to make, and the inevitable consequences.
  • Season 1 and 2 are available on Netflix, and Season 3 recently started on the CW Thursday nights.


Social Media Recommendations:

Dyaln’s: Why My Cat Is Sad aka : @MySadCat

Kelly’s: Brie Warder aka @BrieHxC


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