Episode 114 – Two Freaks of Nature

Another time wasting game and a overlooked movie treasure this week gang…

Kelly’s Recommendation:


Game App: Two Dots

  • This is the sequel to Dots, and it’s FREE!
  • Connect Dots in a straight line WITHOUT TIME LIMITS AND STRESS!
  • It’s Cool to make SQUARES. *Hint*
  • Available on iOS and Google Play, etc.
  • They also epically Live Tweeted the Super Bowl. Check out their twitter feed from the link below.


Mel’s Recommendation:



Movie: Freaks of Nature (2015)

  • Get Out Undead or Alive!
  • Ever wonder what would happen if Vampires, Zombies, and Humans went to High School together? And then the Alien Apocalypse hits?
  • This hilarious horror spoof is just what you need folks. It has a star studded comedian cast. Bob Odenkirk Alert!
  • The Red Band Trailer is below folks. And it’s not safe for the kiddies!




Social Media Corner!

Two Dots Twitter Feed is lots of Fun, check them out @playdots


Yes, Mel’s obsession with #The100 continues, but you should probably get caught up first, because SPOILERS on the current season abound!

Jason Rothenberg: @JRothenbergTVThis man is a #The100 tweeting machine. Give him a lot of love y’all. 


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