Episode 116 – Keeping Christmasland Vinyl

We’re Back!

Kelly’s Recommendation:


Google Keep

App: Google Keep

  • An organization app made by …… Google.
  • Make  to-do lists complete with check marks, video, pictures, and recorded audio.
  • Works on android and iOS.
  • If Chrome is your browser of choice, you can even install an extension to save things directly to your Google Keep.


Mike’s Recommendation:


Subscription Service: Vinyl Me, Please

  • A monthly subscription box that contains a custom pressed LP just for members, an art print inspired by the album, and a cocktail recipe to drink while you listen. Plus, there are coupons to other cool things!
  • You just need to provide your own smoking jacket and you’re set.
  • Pants are optional.


Mel’s recommendation:


Book: NOS4A2 by Joe Hill

  • a horror novel about a woman with a very special ability to “find” things, a serial killer/kidnapper with a very special car, and a trip to a very special place called Christmasland.
  • As you might guess, NOS4A2 is a vanity license plate on the bad guys car. While not a traditional vampire, Charlie Manx is definitely not a good guy, and his hired help may be even worse than him. Vic McQueen and her special ability stumble upon Charlie when she’s a teenager. She survives and he goes to jail, but that’s just the beginning of this story. Years later Charlie and his Rolls Royce Wraith show back up, only this time they’re after Vic’s son.
  • If you like creepy children mixed into your horror stories, you’ll like this one. It’s also being made into a tv series on AMC.

There’s More! Mike wants you to check out 24th Century Ghosts by Joe Hill too!


Social Media Recommendations:

Kelly: Elizabeth Braun: @ElizabethLBraun: (You may recognize her from The Vampire Diaries.) She has a fun twitter feed you might want to check out!

Mike: OfficialPagan : Mike really wants you to check out his pretty green guitar on instagram. It’s really not to promote his upcoming album Dead Girls. It’s not. Really.

It totally is, but here’s a guitar anyway.

I wanted a #guitar that had subtle look #nailedit #pagan #deadgirls #studio #studiolife #goth #industrial

A photo posted by Michael Bilinski (@officialpagan) on


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