Episode 119 – Reply All to King Falls AM

Today it’s a podcast recommending other podcasts, but please come back when you’re done.

Mel’s Recommendation:


Podcast: King Falls AM

  • Weird things happen on and during a late night talk radio show. Sammy The new DJ from the big city has a lot to learn about this little mountain town. Luckily he has Ben, his cohost, to help him out.
  • You will meet some very interesting characters such as, Archie and his Pomchi Palace, Deputy Troy, Jack in the Box Jesus, and the totally upstanding Mayor Grisham.
  •  Subscribe at all the usual places: iTunes, or on Play


Kelly’s Recommendation:


Podcast: Reply All by Gimlet Media

  • it’s a Show About The Internet by PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman
  • They cover a wide variety of topics, all involving the internet and the culture that surrounds it.
  • How well will you do at the “Yes, Yes, No” game?
  • Subscribe on iTunes, Spotify, or listen on their website.


Social Media Recommendations:

Kelly: Mouse Droid: @loftmousedroid: More cool Star Wars stuff!

Mel: @KingFallsAM: Obviously the home of King Falls AM on twitter…

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