Episode 121- Dam Sharks!

Dam Sharks!

For your listening pleasure, we bring you the audio version of our LIVE discussion of Dam Sharks, which aired during Sharknado 4 week on Syfy. Dam Sharks is a charming little movie about sharks which somehow end up in a mountain river. Not content with this placid existence, they decide to dam up the river with human body parts. Things get interesting when a group of city folks show up for a corporate retreat. Who will survive, and who will end up in the dam? If you missed it, check it out here.

Speaking of placid existences, we have a couple of special guests this episode. The first is Jeans (@yeungjeans)from bringoutyourgeek.com. Jeans has joined us several times before. And Heather Gilbert (@HeatherGilbert_) joins us for the first time ever. Have you seen Lake Placid vs Anaconda? Then you’ve seen Heather digging a very deep hole to get into a sorority. Does she survive the horrors of Lake Placid? I know the answer, because I’ve WATCHED IT. If you want to watch it too, you can rent the streaming version here.

On to the Dam Sharks discussion!


screenshot by @hwilson2009

damsharks damsharks2
















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