Episode 124 – You Can Draw AND Code

This week we discuss a graphics design app and a ‘learn to code’ app. And they are both free!

Kelly’s Recommendation:


Web App: YouIDraw (site.youidraw.com)

  • FREE graphic creation software
  • Has a Logo Creator, Painter app, and a Drawing app
  • Uses html5 and javascript, so nothing to download.
  • You can export your amazing creation to Google Drive or Dropbox.


Mel’s Recommendation:


App: Swift Playground

  • Only available for iPads running iOS10, but it is FREE.
  • Learn how to code in Swift by helping a little critter named Byte solve puzzles in a virtual world.
  • Part of Apple’s “Everyone Can Code” initiative.
  • It’s an app meant for kids, but us old folks can appreciate it too.



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