Episode 126 – Westworld Prime


Kelly’s Recommendation:


TV Series: Westworld on HBO

  • An intriguingly smart series about highly complex robots and people in a Western Them Park on HBO.
  • The cast is amazing: Ed Harris plays the Man in Black (Yul Brynner’s character in the original movie), and the amazing Anthony Hopkins as Dr. Ford.
  • There are 10 episodes this season.
  • All episodes are available at HBO’s Westworld site if you are an HBO subscriber.

Bonus Material:

Podcast: BaldMove.com

  • Jim and A. Ron host a lot of Podcasts, including Watching Westworld.
  • Please consider subscribing over at BaldMove.com and join in the fun.


Mel’s Recommendation:


Service: Amazon Music

  • If you are already a Prime subscriber, you really need to check out the free music you have access to via the Amazon Muisc app.
  • No commercials!
  • Create your own playlists and listen from your mobile device or with the web player.
  • They also finally added sharing to twitter, though it is still a little clunky.


Social Media Corner:

Jesse McDonald: @jesseseogeek: He knows his SEO, is a Star Wars geek, and can doodle up some Heisenberg.


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