Episode 128 -Give Vader some Props


Kelly’s Recommendation:


Documentary: I Am Your Father

  • This is a doc about David Prowse, the actor who physically played the role of Darth Vader in the original Star Wars trilogy.
  • Available on Netflix (for subscribers).
  • He was also known as the Green Cross Code Man in Britain; a character that taught children about crosswalk safety. See the video here for a reprisal of the role, only for adults this time.
  • The film seeks to tell the story of how and why David was possibly blackballed by LucasFilm back in the day.
  • Regardless of where you fall, we think he had the most excellent cape flip and force choke fist ever.



Mel’s Recommendation:

YouTube Channel: Punished Props

  • Bill and Britt Doran have a fascinating channel centered around making cosplay costumes and props.
  • There is a ton of really good information, in particular the info on making molds and casts. That playlist is here.
  • There is also a new video about making a replica of Malcolm Reynold’s pistol. That would be from Firefly, y’all. See the video above.
  • Check out their website, PunishedProps.com for numerous ebooks too.
  • And finally, they just put up a Metal casting video, that I’m just going to have to do. After I make a helmet for my corgi. HE really needs some armor.

Social Media corner:

Mel: @70sScifiArt: just like it sounds, this account posts scifi related art from the 1970s.

Kelly: @CaseyBNewman: a quite clever The Walking Dead livetweeter!

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