Episode 13 – The Awesome Show: awesome guest, awesome coffee, awesome hair, awesome infographics

We have a Special Guest this episode! The fabulous Jeans aka @YeungJeans joins us to pass along a recommendation! You can check out her webshow over at BringOutYourGeek.com and definitely check out her store where she sells some awesome handmade soap and geek related items.

Etsy Shops: Yeung Moxie (Soap), Yeunger Moxie (Geekery), and Studio Jeans (Artsy Stuff)


Mel’s Recommendation:

Gadget: Aeropress by Aerobie

  • A quick and easy way to make excellent coffee with a smooth taste and low acidity.
  • Retails for $25-30
  • Mel thinks this is a must have for the Zombie Apocalypse, so get yours today
  • Retails for $25-30. Chances are your favorite coffee seller carries it or check Amazon or World Market.


Jean’s Recommendation:

TV Series: Ancient Aliens

  • Airs Fridays on the History Channel
  • Available to stream on Amazon (free for Prime Members)
  • Stars the amazing hair of Giorgio Tsoukalos


Cryptozoology Defined: From Wikipedia: A pseudoscience involving the search for animals whose existence has not been proven. Examples are Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster.


Kelly’s Recommendation:

Book: Life in 5 Seconds by H-57

  • From the back: “Recommended for anyone with a good sense of humor and a short attention span.”
  • Check out LifeInFiveSeconds.com
  • Available at Amazon


We had a slight Helix sidetrack: so go watch it on SyFy now!

Twitter Recommendations:

Kelly: @AbandonedPlaces: Tweets pics of places that have been abandoned by humanity.

Jeans: @TheOrlandoJones: Not the little boy from Everybody Hates Chris.

Mel: @SarcasticRover: A parody account of the Mars Curiosity Rover, being sarcastic from Space.

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Thanks for listening! Mel (@karmic9) and Kelly (@kellythul)

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