Episode 130 – The Long Dark of Cutting Cable

Kelly cuts the cable cord and Mel just tries to survive the apocalypse.

Kelly’s Recommendation:

Gadgets: Cut your cable with Mohu and Tablo

  • Mohu makes amplified HD antennas to get over-the-air tv stations. There are lots of different models for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Tablo Tuners let you DVR over-the-air channels and also lets you watch different channels throughout the house or on the mobile app.


Mel’s Recommendation:

Game: The Long Dark by Hinterland Games

  • Yes, I did talk about this game before. There have been a lot of changes since the last time I played, so I’m talking about it again. Sue me.
  • It’s a post-apocalypse survival game set in the frozen wilds of Canada. It’s great and lonely with no politicians to bother you.
  • It’s available on Steam for PC and on xbox.
  • I should probably mention that this game involves permadeath. That means if you die, game over.


Social Media Corner:

Kelly: Crazy Russian Hacker on YouTube. Just watch.



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