Episode 18 – Derpy cats, Game of Thrones, free ringtones and much more!!

In this episode you’ll find an awesome free movie, time wasting web fun, a way to keep up with The Game of Thrones, and a cool recipe service.  Plus, because we care so deeply for our listeners… FREE RINGTONES!!!

Kelly’s Recommendations

Movie: ‘The Transient’

  • Check it out at KillVampireLincoln.com
  • A homeless vigilante and his caseworker try to stop Vampire Abraham Lincoln from sucking the blood of four score and seven virgins.
  • Fun Fact: Vampire Abraham Lincoln is played by the best Abraham Lincoln impersonator around, Michael Krebs.
  • Get your own Vampire Lincoln shirt!



Website: www.sadanduseless.com

  • They have pics of derpy cats. That’s all you need to know.



Mel’s Recommendations

App: World of Ice and Fire

  • Available on iOS and Android and check it out at GeorgeRRMartin.com
  • A neat app that does a great job of detailing the events in Game of Thrones whether you read the books or watch the HBO show.
  • There’s an awesome little spoiler free slider so that you don’t accidentally learn who’s going to die next. Unless you want to get spoiled, of course.



Web Service/App: Evernote Food

  • The power of Evernote with a Foodie twist. Available on iOS and Android.
  • A useful way to snip all of those recipes you find on the internet, so you you can actually find them later. The app gives you access to your recipes wherever you are.

Social Media Recommendations:

Mel’s: @IndyQuotes1 Indiana Jones quotes all day every day.

Kelly’s cheating and has 2 this week! @sadanduseless and @killvamplincoln. Both of which he talked about in this episode. (So, sue me – KT)


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BONUS CONTENT:  Some MP3s suitable for ringtones…

Nurture and Support theme song by Alicia Halm (@ohalchemygirl) – right click the link to download


Jeans from bringoutyourgeek.com saying “OUTSTANDING!” from Episode 13!


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