Episode 22 – Streaming Martians Next Door

Matt (@mattshiversVO) joins Mel and Kelly again for episode 22 of Nurture and Support!  In addition to the usual recommendations, SOMEONE throws out a “bite me” in this episode.  You might be surprised who.

“It was not as unpleasant as I anticipated.” ~Kelly

Kelly’s Recommendation:


  • Basically, a secure “Facebook” for your neighborhood.
  • Available online at Nextdoor.com and via apps on iOS and Android.
  • Very useful to track wildlife in your neighborhood. 😉


Matt’s Recommendation:

Webservice/Movies and TV:  Netflix and Amazon Prime

  • Matt shares news about a bunch of new content coming to Netflix (classic 1980s movies, TV series) and Amazon Prime Instant Video (a ton of HBO content)
  • Guess who doesn’t have Amazon Prime and who wears a powdered wig?
  • Mel wants to remind everyone that Hemlock Grove will be back on Netflix this summer.
  • Deadwood is also part of the HBO Amazon Prime deal!


Mel’s Recommendation:

Book: The Martian by Andy Weir

  • An amazingly fun book about an American astronaut stranded on Mars.
  • Action, Adventure, Duct Tape, and lots of Swear Words make this the most fun you’ll have all summer.

 The Martian

Social Recommendations:

Kelly: @_youhadonejob (Twitter) – pics of horrific decisions

Matt:  Woodworking for Mere Mortals (Youtube, Facebook)

Melissa: @thediabloshow The prolific @ScottJohnson has a new podcast all about Diablo 3 and Reaper of Souls.


Addendum: This episode is in fact not endorsed by Windows 8 or Microsoft. Mel does however approve of Windows 7.

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Thanks for listening! Mel (@karmic9) and Kelly (@kellythul)

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