Episode 28- Cellos from HELL

Kelly says “YeeHaw!” and then begs for your help.  Mel remains our Cello Overlord.

Kelly’s plea: On shows where I introduce Mel I typically say “…and with me as always is Mel.  Hi Mel.”,  Which is LAME.  

Could someone PLEASE come up with a better introduction and post it in the comments???

Kelly’s Recommendation:


Movie: Motel Hell (1980)

  • A Horror/Comedy movie about Farmer Smith and his sister Ida run Motel Hello and are famous for their delicious “smoked meat”. You know where this is going right?
  • They have a very interesting “garden” in the backyard.
  • It’s available to rent from Amazon Instant Video, and to buy from iTunes.
  • Stars Rory Calhoun, and Wolfman Jack makes an appearance! Awoo!


Kelly’s Re-Recommendation:

Podcast: Scott Stratten’s Vegas Under 30 and The Unpodcast



Mel’s Recommendation:


Music: Zoe Keating

  • Yay! More Cellos!
  • Zoe is an amazing cellist whose music has appeared in numerous tv shows, such as Elementary and even Teen Wolf. She has performed with a number of bands over the years, including Rasputina and Halou, both of which you should check out.
  • Her music is warm and peaceful and will make you feel better no matter how badly your day has gone. I particularly like “Legions (War)” from the One Cello x 16 album.
  • Check out her website for links to her bandcamp to pay what you want for her albums!
  • The Links: iTunes, Amazon, SoundcloudSpotify (Spotify does not have all of her albums), and her YouTube channel.
  • Here’s a direct link to Zoe’s version of the Star Spangled Banner.



Social Media Recommendation:

Kelly: @PeytonsHead: A witty twitter account that mishmashes Pop Culture and Sports references for your amusement. #LaserRocketArm

Mel: @IGN: the go to mega site to learn more about EVERY video game EVER.

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Thanks for listening! Mel (@karmic9) and Kelly (@kellythul)


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