Episode 30 – Walken Disney World

There are things that go bad in life, like Disney World, football, and Angels, but Christopher Walken will always make it better.

Kelly’s Recommendation:


Movie: Escape From Tomorrow: Bad Things Happen Everywhere.

  • a 2013 Horror movie that was filmed guerrilla style at Disney World that’s not for the faint of heart.
  • It has one of the most awesome movie posters EVER.
  • Check out just how long that it’s been without a lawsuit from Disney at EscapeFromTomorrow.com
  • It’s available on Netflix! Buy or rent from Amazon or iTunes.
  • The soundtrack is on Spotify for your listening pleasure.


Mel’s Recommendation:


Movie: The Prophecy

  • a 1995 Dark Comedy/Horror  movie starring CHRISTOPHER WALKEN!
  • Good Angels vs Bad Angels fight over the most evil soul on Earth to win the Second War in Heaven.
  • Christopher Walken has a zombie sidekick.
  • Keep your eyes open and you’ll see Viggo Mortensen as Lucifer.
  • There are 5 movies in the series (not all featuring Walken) and they are all available on Netflix.


Social Media Recommendations:

Kelly’s: @KurtVan : Kurt Vanderah remembered that Kelly won The Piranhaconda Egg from Syfy and tweeted this fact.  That is EXACTLY how to get Kelly to recommend you on Twitter.  Kurt also has an intense Bears Packers rivalry with his daughter…

Mel’s: @Shark_Katharine: Katharine the Shark is one of OCEARCH.org’s tagged Great White Sharks that is currently hanging out in the Gulf of Mexico.


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