Episode 31 – The Valley of Snowpiercer Monuments

This episode we’re leading a Princess through Monument Valley, and taking a trip on a little runaway train called Snowpiercer.

Mel’s Recommendation:



Movie: Snowpiercer (2013)

    • A fantastic post-apocalyptic dystopia set on a train. Yes, a train.
    • This exciting story is set 18 years after a failed attempt at controlling global warming sent the planet into an ice age. The last of humanity lives on a train that circles the frozen Earth once per year. For the economy class passengers in the Tail of the train, it’s not a pleasant little road trip and they decide to change their fate.
    • It’s been described as “Hunger Games on a train”, but I think it’s more like Hugh Howey’s ‘Wool’ running into the Capital from ‘Hunger Games’.
    • It stars Chris Evans, John Hurt, Kang-ho Song (from The Host), Tilda Swinton, and Octavia Spencer to name a few.
    • If you missed the limited run of this Korean movie by Radius TWC in theaters, don’t worry! It’s on Video On Demand as of July 11.



Kelly’s Recommendation:



Game App: Monument Valley

  • An iOS and Android app by ustwo.
  • ustwo describes the game as “An Illusory adventure of impossible architecture and forgiveness.”
  • Check out some of the beautiful screenshots from this game here.
  • Art deco meets Escher meets awesome
  • You have to play a princess, but it is all cool



Kelly’s UN-Recommendation

Game App: Flappy Zombie on iOS. Just don’t do it folks.


Social Media Recommendations:

Mel: @scottEweinberg on twitter: Scott Weinberg is an online film critic and quite the funny guy. Just go follow him already.

Kelly: @bengreenman on twitter. A writer  for New Yorker Mag. who is responsible for Kelly’s creation of the national holiday, Harbor Day.



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