Episode 32 – Anime, Manga, and a Sharktopus!

We talk Attack on Titan, Sharktopus Art, and the Amazon Prime Directive.

Kelly’s Recommendation:


TV Series/Book (Manga): Attack on Titan

  • The Anime series is available on Netflix!
  • Check out the first book in the Manga Series here.
  • Attack on Titan is the story of humanity’s ongoing struggle against people-devouring giants called Titans.
  • The Anime on Netflix uses subtitles, so it counts as reading!!


Mel’s Recomendations:

Because Mel couldn’t decide on which was more awesome, she’s recommending 2 Digital Artists today!


I heart You, Sharktopus by EricDaNerd on deviantART

Artist #1: EricDaNerd

  • One word, folks. SHARKTOPUS!
  • As you can see, Eric has created the most adorably chubby Sharktopus ever. (I want to hug him and squeeze him and take him home with me. ~M)
  • There’s more to see at his website: ericdanerd.wordpress.com and at DeviantArt.
  • Get your very own Sharktopus mug at his store!
  • Who wants to get a chubby Sharktopus tattoo with Mel?

Artist #2: Chris McGrath

  • Chris has done the book covers for some of Mel’s favorite books, including The Dresden Files books she talked about back in Episode 8.
  • Check out his gallery at his website, christianmcgrath.com and follow him on twitter @cmcgrath72
  • AND he’s putting up a bunch of his book cover illustration on his store, so you can buy prints and iphone/ipad cases!


Mel’s Secondary (Tertiary?) Recommendation:

Store/Service: Amazon Smile

  • A program started last year by the Big Evil Corporation to give a small amount of money (.05%) of your physical goods purchases to the charity of your choice.
  • Go to smile.amazon.com to sign up
  • This has been an Amazon Prime Directive. 😉


Social Media Recommendation:

Kelly: @JayOlegario: The awesome voice actor who played Datu on one of the best zombie podcasts out there, Were Alive.

Mel: @GeersArt: the twitter account of Darren Geers who is the creator of the saddest little DovahKitty you will ever see. Click that link. I dare you.


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