Episode 34 – Books about Mormons and Witches. What could go wrong?

Kelly tells us about a musical you may have heard of called ‘Book of Mormon’; and Mel watches some Lifetime TV and finds ‘The Witches of East End’.

 Kelly’s Recommendation:


Musical/Music (Soundtrack): The Book of Mormon

  • The award winning musical by the creators of South Park explain Mormonism… sort of.
  • There are Star Wars references and a ‘Spooky Mormon Hell’.
  • It is full of clever tweaks on songs from other famous musicals.
  • For you Frozen fans out there, Olaf  is there.  Sorta.
  • The Soundtrack is available from all music retailers, but you’ll need to catch the show at your local performing arts center.




Mel’s Recommendation:


TV Series: ‘Witches of East End’ on Lifetime

  • The series is currently in Season 2 on the Lifetime Channel and is loosely based on the books by Melissa de la Cruz
  • As you can see, it has lots of Beautiful People in it. So much so that the song  ‘Beautiful People’ is used in it’s promos.
  • It’s the story of the Beauchamp Family, who are all witches who have been cursed. Seriously, Aunt Wendy often steals the show by turning into a cat.
  • There’s quite a twitter following for the show, so join in if you get the chance.
  • Season 1 is available on Netflix, and Season 2 can be seen on Lifetime’s website.


Social Media Recommendations:

Kelly: @RockSkimmer: David Davidson is a self admitted “Freak of Nurture”. He’s very good at the Hashtag games on Twitter an has a complicated relationship with a stuffed squirrel.


Mel: @SciencePorn: If you think science is sexy, they’re your guy… or gal…. or whatever.


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