Episode 37 – We are fluent in George Romero

This week, Kelly talks about George Romero’s zombies and Mel reads a space book.

Mel’s Recommendation:



Book: Fluency by Jen Foehner Wells aka @Jenthulhu

  • A Science Fiction novel that centers around a linguist named Jane Holloway attempting to make first contact with an alien species. Jane and her fellow astronauts have been sent to investigate a silent alien spaceship that has been sitting out past Mars for several decades.
  • Mel assures Kelly that while there is some romance in this novel, this isn’t a “bodice-ripping-in-space” story.
  • The author has included a number of fun nerd references. See if you can find them all!
  • Check out the author’s website here and Fluency on Goodreads.


Kelly’s Recommendation:



Movie/Documentary: Birth of the Living Dead

  • 1968. Peace. Love. And the Undead.
  • The story of George Romero’s creation of ‘Night of the Living Dead’ and ZOMBIES!
  • Learn about how he got his start in film making with Mr. Rogers and Calgon.
  • You might want to watch ‘Night of the Living Dead‘ again first.
  • Check it out on Netflix!


And a bonus video, just for Mel…


Social Media Recommendations:


Mel:@PopSci: the twitter account of Popular Science magazine. They recently told Mel about a killer amoeba who calls way more people than sharks every year.

Kelly: @CrapTaxidermy: Like it sounds, they memorialize unfortunate examples of very bad attempts at taxidermy.



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