Episode 38 – Alice Cooper’s army meets Bloaty Head

Kelly listens to more Alice Cooper and shows us Alice in France while Mel pretends to be a doctor in Theme Hospital and hunts a very elusive Raptr.

Kelly’s Recommendation:


 Music: Special Forces by ALICE COOPER

  •  Special Forces is a 1981 album by the one and only Alice Cooper that’s the middle one of the three “Blackout Albums” that Alice does not actually remember recording in the early 80s.
  • The album photos and tour featured the biggest departure from Alice’s “traditional” make-up… and even Kelly admits it is “not his best look”.
  • If Alice was ever in charge of his own branch of the military, it would look and sound like “Special Forces”.  So there is that.

 Video: Special Forces in Paris!

  • Alice and the band did a series of Special Forces music videos on French TV!
  • In addition to most of the Special Forces songs, the show featured past hits like “Under My Wheels”…



Mel’s Recommendation:


Game: Theme Hospital by Bullfrog Productions/ Electronic Arts

  • a 1999 Hospital Management Sim game that is full of fun diseases like Bloaty Head,  The Squits, Slack Tongue, and Heaped Piles.
  • It’s available over at GOG.com and due to their awesomeness, it will now play on your Windows 8 computer!
  • Sadly, the GOG version will not give you play credit on Raptr, but it’s still worth it.

Game Service: Raptr

  • A gaming community/service that tracks not only your games, but the time you spend playing them!
  • You actually earn points for the time you spend playing PC, Xbox, Playstaion, or Wii games.
  • Join up and join the hunt for this adorable little guy, the elusive Raptr Dino Plushie!

You better not win him before I do.

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