Episode 39 – Carbon, nitrogen, helium, and Victorian Steampunk

It’s all about Science and Steampunk! (And maybe a little bit about Victorian Underwear.)

Mel’s Recommendation:


Book/Comic/Web-Comic: Girl Genius: A Gaslamp Fantasy with Adventure, Romance and Mad Science

  • A wonderful Steampunk Web-Comic by Phil and Kaja Foglio available at GirlGeniusOnline.com
  • If you’re new to this one, definitely start in the archives here.
  • Girl Genius tells the story of Agatha Heterodyne, a builder of “clanks” in a Steampunk Victorian Era Europe and her ongoing adventures.
  • It’s a fun steampunk/gaslamp romp with a fun heroine, lots of airships, and a huge cast of quirky characters. You have got to meet some Jagerkin.



Kelly’s Recommendation:


Music: ‘Here Comes Science’ by They Might Be Giants

  • A 2009 Album by TMBG. While technically a children’s album, both Kelly and Mel like this one.
  • Check out all of the Music Videos from the album here!
  • The great sun debate (gas or plasma) is settled in this album.  You all recall the big sun debate, right???
  • You get the DVD and CD when you purchase the physical version.




Social Media Recommendations:

Mel: @superherotexts: Like it says, it’s Texts From Superheros.

Kelly: @nailedit: As you might suspect, these people did not, in fact, “nail it”.


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